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Our Unreinforced Hospitals Are Going To "Crumble"

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The Los Angeles Times doesn't actually name which Southern California hospitals would collapse in an earthquake, but reports that efforts to reinforce some hospitals and schools have failed because of funding issues and a lack of concern about earthquakes. According to the paper, last year Gov. Schwarzenegger ok'd rules that allow hospitals to forgo reinforcements. "Some financially struggling hospitals would be allowed to operate until 2020, even though the state says they are most likely to crumple during a major seismic event." Experts says that a quake the size of Northridge--or bigger--is expected to happen in the next 30 years. Meanwhile: 12 percent of Californians now have earthquake insurance, as oppose to the 32 percent who were covered during the Northridge quake. [Pictured: Good Samaritan Hospital]
· Experts see quake as 'teachable moment' [LA Times