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LAUSD To Vote on $7 Billion Building Bond Today

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"The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education will decide today whether to put its stamp of approval on a $7 billion building bond [7 billion!] for the November ballot. And when members make the decision, they would be wise to attach some guarantee for voters as to what, exactly, this bond money would buy. So far, the details have been sketchy." That's a Daily News editorial weighing in on that bond--anyone following the LAUSD knows they are building lots of schools in Los Angeles, whether they are needed or not (granted taxpayers voted to fund the schools years ago, when schools were more crowded). According to the Daily News, the LAUSD has said this new bond will be used to fund charter schools: "With the extra money, they say, they would build smaller schools because no one likes the huge and unattractive student-warehouse structures they are currently building," but the LAUSD hasn't said how the funds would be allocated. Meanwhile, "several hundred charter school parents, teachers and supporters" have announced they will line the steps of headquarters to demand equal funding for charters schools at 2pm today. [LAUSD's latest: The new Edward R Roybal Learning Center]
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