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Governator Orders Taggers To Clean Up Their Own Mess

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[Artist Judy Baca's mural in Highland Park via Flickr user waltarrrrr]

Following the urging of LA officials, Schwarzenegger has signed a law that orders apprehended taggers and graffiti artists to not only clean up their work, but in some cases, keep the tagged surfaces clean for a year, reports the Los Angeles Times' Patrick McGreevy. There's worry this might put some spray-happy folks in jeopardy with gun-happy gang members during the enforced clean-up. Others are too teed off to care. The explosion of graffiti in Los Angeles has hit home for artist Judy Baca, who's seen her Downtown mural "Hitting the Wall" nearly covered by graffiti. She says the city has responded by cutting funds for new murals, adding, "these kids don't have the possibility of being a muralist themselves," so they destroy other murals. Oh, girl... better watch your back.
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