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Confirmed: Venice Beach Hostel Has Bed Bugs

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Residents in Venice love to bitch about stuff. Horses crapping in the streets, rats in the Farmer's Market. In this case, someone at LA Snark has some unkind words about the Venice Beach Hostel: "Avoid it at all cost. I just returned from a one week stay in that smelly slum. Our room had stained sheets, stained blankets, dirty towels, crusty furniture, mold on the bathroom ceiling and bed bugs! I paid over $700 in advance." Things are a tad more negative at Travelocity: "It was the most vile, disgusting, stomach-turning experience I have ever had ever in all of my world travels and this doesn't even include the bedbugs and the urine-soaked room." [Via Flickr user Brinlau]
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