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Ask Curbed: Scientologists Won't Get Off My Porch

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Ah, a friend of Curbed has the old "how do I get rid of unwanted Scientologists question." They never get old. "Dear Curbed: I never had feelings one way or another about Scientologists (live and let live is my feeling), but three just came to my house in Echo Park. They were wearing that "uniform" they wear (aka fbi looking outfits) and the man Scientologist knocked on my screen door and rudely said "Did I know where Mary Somebody was?..." I guess she was the renter before me (I rent). He said they were from the Dianetics Center and then rudely asked me about Mary again, saying "I better tell him if I know her." Given his rudeness, I decided to fuck with him and pretend I did know Mary. So I said MAYBE I know her and then I said Please Leave My Doorstep. He didn't leave, but again asked me about Mary. So I go outside to the doorstep/porch where he is (it's a shared porch with four other renters, a cut-up house), and say again, Please Leave. One of the Scientology women yelled at me that the porch was public property and they could be there. Anyway, eventually they left. But I am wondering if indeed my doorstep/ porch and the whole property is at all "private"; ie, was that woman Scientologist correct that she could be there? I guess I don't "own" any of it, but my landlord, does, right? Thanks."
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