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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Rubio Holds, Runyon's Estate, Hollywood Dirt Lot

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Thanks for getting us the info we requested. If you have questions for next week, please email us at Please send us updates and digital pictures, too.

[Elevation for the proposed project at Highland and De Longpre - click for larger image]

1) San Gabriel: A commenter replies about the status of the Rubio Village development. They say: "This property is currently for sale at $90k a door. Nothing is being done at the moment for development and the leasing is continuing on a month to month basis for cashflow for the owner."

2) Runyon Canyon: Somebody asked about Runyon Canyon. Many people answered and some got snippy. "Runyon Canyon was an estate. The paved entry road was the driveway, and the little platform thing to the left when you walk in was a believe part of the pool house (?). There are little remnants scattered here and there, including the ruins on the "Outpost" sign along the ridge right before you reach the bench. You'll also notice tennis courts, and there used to be an empty swimming pool but they filled it in with dirt. You can still find it though, if you know where to look..." Wikipedia provides more exciting info.

3) Hollywood: Regarding the northwest corner of Highland and De Longpre, building permits show nothing is happening at the site except some temporary signage around the empty lot, approved on July 18th. The project from DS Ventures purchased from DS Ventures by Lennar Urban, was approved in 2006 for 56-condos with two retail-condos on the site. Van Tilburg (VTBS) is the architect listed on the plans however no pretty renderings are available online, just the elevations, posted above. UPDATED

Runyon Canyon

2001 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA