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CurbedWire: Downtown's Market Lofts Looking To Unload, New Palms Firehouse

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DOWNTOWN: A reader writes: "Because I'm an LAT subscriber, they spammed me this info re. Market Lofts big 'sale'. Seems times are tough for condo sales, either in Long Beach or Downtown LA." Yes, continuing the trend of developers unloading those last remaining units, the people at Market Lofts (that development right above Ralphs) are now offering some final discounts--$60,000 and $80,000 off--condos in the building. It looks like the deal ends today, but we're sure you can barter. [Curbed InBox]

PALMS: There will be a big dedication ceremony for Fire Station No. 43. on August 16th. It looks like it broke ground in February 2006. Guess these things take a while. It's located on Palms, at the corner of Regent Street; according to the Palms Village Sun, there'll be a helicopter flyover, jumpers, music, face painters, refreshments, fire house chili, station tours. [Curbed InBox]