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Empty Hollywood Lot Remains A Sunday Swapmeet

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That long vacant site at the corner of Hollywood and Garfield remains empty ,despite being put for sale earlier this year. Located at 5555 Hollywood Boulevard, the lot--once rumored to hold a forthcoming grocery store or apartments-- is located just a pebble's throw from City Council President Eric Garcetti's Hollywood office, and its proximity to the politician is sad, given Garcetti's championing of Hollywood development. Leaves and small pieces of paper line the fence, and a Notice For a Public Hearing, which happened about 17 years ago or something, still hangs. But every Sunday, and quite possibly on Saturdays, too, locals come out and sell stuff on this corner. If you take a photo of their stuff, some of the angrier people will threaten to beat you and chase you into the street. But if you want some cheap goods, this is the place to go. [Photos taken on last two Sundays] UPDATE: It's been pointed out that this lot falls in Councilman Tom LaBonge's district.
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