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Broker BlogWrap: Skinny House Sells, Landlording, Media Conspiracy

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1) Skinny House OFFICIALLY Off the Market: The Westwood Real Estate Market blog reports that the odd skinny monstrosity at 10595 Louisiana Avenue has found someone that can overlook its faults and loves it just the way it is. We wish the happy couple a wonderful life together. [WREM]

2) Be A Landlord: Phyllis Harb fields questions from landlord wannabe's looking to score some income from unsuspecting tenants. But there's a downside: "I don’t know which is more of a shock, the large down payments required (for non-owner occupied financing) or the amount of the monthly negative. Of course there are tax benefits such as depreciation, but a CPA would need to discuss those particulars." [LAREB]

3) Statistical Conspiracy: Judy Graff relays her harrowing tale of being misquoted by the right or left wing media machine at the Burbank (Mis)Leader: "in the paragraph about foreclosures in zipcode 91505, I was quoted as saying there were 19 foreclosures out of 4,000 homes in this year's second quarter. The number should read 14,000 homes... I'm finally beginning to believe that "the media" is blowing this issue out of proportion, at least for our area." [SFVRE]