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ConstructionWatch: Downtown's Factory Place Lofts

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So many brick buildings, so many new Arts District developments to keep track of: Located on Sixth Street, these brick buildings are being converted into a 65-unit live/work rental development that should be finished in January. Known as the Factory Place Lofts (its working name was 6th Street Lofts), the project--which'll encompass 6 or 7 buildings--may also have a retail component, according to the project manager Sean (she declined to give her last name). "We're considering everything," she said. For those worried about getting mowed down by the cars on Sixth Street, the entrance to the project will be on Factory Place.

The units should range from about 700-1,200 square feet; the developer is 6th Street Lofts LLC, which is also behind rental building 1308 Factory Place, that blue building directly next door. Additionally, the developer plans to convert 1300 Factory, a former fish smoking factory, into rentals by 2010. And by that year, the smell should be gone. By the smell, we mean the most horrific smell that is currently coming from next door to Factory Place Lofts. It seems there was some type of "illegal food activity" (what does that even mean???) going on in the building and ultimately, the food or liquid was dumped into the street. The smell is horrific.
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