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Ask Curbed: Where Should I Shack Up in Pasadena?

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Not deterred by yesterday's shaker, a brave soul is decamping from Toronto for a new life in greater LA. This reader hears the 'Dena is nice, but where in the 'Dena? Old Town? Bungalow Heaven? Near the Little Old Lady? And how about a church? Help is needed: "My partner/husband and I are from the SF Bay Area and have been living in Toronto for the past three years. We used to live in a bungalow in Alameda, and are thinking more and more that we want to move to Pasadena. We’re both self-employed and can work at home, so commuting really isn’t a problem... We’re gardening fanatics, so Pasadena beat Alameda in both weather and bigger homes/yards for less money....I’m hoping that you might be able to give us some neighborhood advice—are there up and coming neighborhoods? Areas to avoid?"
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