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Downtown's Evo-South: Penthouse Plans, Sales Update

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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times had a story about how penthouse sales are helping drive the downtown market. Thank you, celebrities, wealthy foreigners, and whoever else is spending money on homes in sky. In honor of the all mighty penthouse, here are the floor plans to the biggest one at Evo-South, that under-construction South Park development. At 3,967 square feet, this is listed at $3.9 million. Meanwhile, anyone watching the market (and seeing the sales casualties) may be wondering how sales are going for developer South Group, who also did nearby Luma and Elleven. There are 311 units and the sales office officially opened in October. So how are sales? The email back from South Group touts the building nearly 1/3 sold. "We currently have 87 units under contract (83 in escrow and 4 reservations)."

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Evo South

1155 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA