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CurbedWire: Chinatown Street Gardens, LA's Best Dog Beach

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CHINATOWN: Given the recent talk about urban gardens, we'd thought we'd point out the great street gardens that line the apartments/condos in the hills above downtown (up Figueroa, around Bunker Hill Avenue). Squash and tomatoes? [Curbed Staff]

HUNTINGTON BEACH: Los Angeles has announced its Best of LA Awards. Best Dog Beach: Huntington Dog Beach, "a mile-long stretch where Spot has the freedom to frolic and swim off-leash.... Huntington’s dog friendliness offers a respite from the no-dogs-allowed policy at L.A. County beaches (only Long Beach’s Dog Zone permits unleashed pooches, and that’s limited to one dog per human). Parking at Huntington is metered at 25¢ for ten minutes, so bring plenty of quarters." [LA Magazine]