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Protesters Fight Warehouse on South Central Farm

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And they're back. South LA residents came out to City Hall yesterday to protest that 643,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution complex planned on the site of the old South Central Farm, that 14-acre farm that was demolished two years ago. Via the Associated Press: "It doesn't benefit us at all," resident Carmen Espinoza told members of the city planning commission's advisory agency. "There's already a lot of traffic and a lot of noise at night. There are two schools and a park. A lot of children would be affected." According to the newswire, the commission's advisory agency is putting off making a decision on the warehouse--- it is zoned for light manufacturing use and would provide 1,200 jobs--given the opposition. The South Central Farm got a massive amount of ink when the city sold the land to a developer; famously, actress Daryl Hannah camped out in a tree to protest the farm's destruction. [Photo of old farm via Metblogs]
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South Central Farm

E. 41st St. & S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA