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Meeting The Renters At Americana At Brand

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To find out what living at Americana at Brand is really like, Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine signed up for a sleepover at the new Glendale shopping mall/rental/condo development. (That's one of the nicer rental units pictured above; it's likely he stayed in a similar one). Some takeaways: Despite concerns about the noise, residents repeatedly tell Erskine how quiet it gets at night. Yes, even with all that booming music, it's not the noisy place one might have imagined. "My wife and I have director's chairs on the patio and we sit there and have martinis," one resident says. Other residents chime in about the Mommy and Me classes, the yoga on the lawn, the close proximity to the Cheesecake Factory. It's not entirely clear, but it seems like a good number of these renters have families.

But all good sleepovers have some minor traumas, ie, lost toothbrushes; in this case, the smell of soy sauce from sushi restaurant Katsuya wafts into Erskine's apartment. Plus, the Times reporter notes the grass is being overwatered. Anyhoo, let's cut to the chase. How many of these suckers have been rented? 20% of the 238 apartments, or about 50. Condo sales? The story doesn't mention that but a rep for the development tells us the Excelsior sales office opened June 14. "Good response, no stats yet."
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