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KTown One of America's Most Fuel-Efficient Neighborhoods

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Or so says The website listed some of our nation's most pedestrian-friendly hoods, from Brooklyn Heights to downtown Arlington, Va. There may be a word missing in their description of LA: "How to keep transportation costs under control in car-obsessed Los Angeles? Snag a place to live in ethnically diverse Koreatown, near stylish West Hollywood, where households spend less than $700 a month." (Are they talking about WeHo or KTown?) Anyhoo, the article also claims that for every dollar American families save on housing, they spend nearly $2 on transportation--ouch. Apparently, owning a home in a walkable neighborhood saves residents $300 to $400 a month, and there's a bill moving through Congress that would enable home buyers to qualify for lower interest rates if they purchase near transit. []