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Touring Lautner's Schwimmer House in Beverly Hills

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Continuing with the tour of John Lautner-designed homes: Last but not least, we toured Lautner's 1982 Schwimmer Residence in Beverly Hills during Sunday's Hammer/MAK Lautner tour. The long, curving hallways were designed for the original owners, who apparently collected 18th Century art and wanted a way to display their collection. The 5-bedroom, 5-bath house is approximately 6,000 square feet, situated on a steep hillside, with two levels and a pool on the lower level. The house features cylindrical stone columns, walls of glass, wood beams and slate stone, and offers some killer views of the city. Next Hammer tour is August 24th and features just the Sheats/Goldstein Residence, with more tours in September and October.
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Schwimmer House

1435 Bella Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Harpel House

7764 Torreyson Dr., Los Angeles, CA