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Trends in Marketing: Promoting An Encino Condo With Poetry

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Most of the trends in real estate marketing these days involve a certain degree of flashiness - all sizzle and no steak. So it's charming to find this wannabe Ezra Pound (actually, maybe more like Shel Silverstein) using his linguistic prowess to entice potential buyers. It's delightfully low-tech:

Ode To A Relevant Condo

800ft is all I have, 800ft and a few
I have some doors, some floors and some ceilings
and one slightly used green loo.
800 ft 800ft, would I want for more?
I have kitchen cabinets, a stove and a fridge
and ample closets galore.
I even have some shelves for books,
a clean microwave to zap,
one huge bedroom with wall to wall walls (I thought that was good)
and a place to rest and nap.
Oh the bathroom beckons with a green master tub
and a sink that's green as well.
I may be only 800 ft, but boy I sure am swell.

The condo is priced at $225,000, the enlightenment such breathtaking lyricism begets, is entirely free.
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