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Yeah! - UPDATE: Did you roll? Centered around Chino Hills, news reports say... City Council has recessed for 15 minutes following the earthquake, which struck during Councilman Dennis Zine's speechification against trash fees. He began shouting "Earthquake! Earthquake! We're rolling!" PRELIM MAGNITUDE: 5.8... UPDATE2: Reports earthquake was felt in San Diego and Las Vegas... Schools evacuated... felt mildly in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach... felt strongly in Belmont Shore...UPDATE3: Via nbc4, cell and land lines out in some parts of Inland Empire, Laguna Hills and via the Curbed comments, in at least one downtown highrise... Three 3.8 aftershocks in Diamond Bar area... UPDATE4: From the comments: "My house collapsed. I'm trapped. HELP! -STARCHY" UPDATE: Photos of downtown after the earthquake.