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Lofts At NoHo Commons Has Some Security Problems

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"For $2,000 a month we expected to be treated with respect and dignity and our car was robbed and I'm afraid to be in the building at night. We're breaking our lease." That's one of many comments left on an online petition aimed at getting the Lofts at Noho Commons, that rental building in North Hollywood, to increase security. Notably, there was a recent incident in which a "masked male with a crowbar ran through the building," according to one resident. "This was less than 24 hours after four high-end vehicles were vandalized and rims were stolen. Women are afraid to leave their homes with the fears of a possible rape or home invasion." Also, there are prostitutes allegedly working in the development. Wow. Sounds like a great place to live. There's also a blog that details all the problems; that's a photo of the car vandalism.

To whom it may concern,

North Hollywood is currently going thru many changes by business owners
and developers, hoping to solidify a strong and safe community. One
property stands out, The Lofts at Noho Commons. It is a beautiful
property, centrally located in the Noho Arts District, across the
street from the Metro Station on Lankershim Boulevard. Even through the
architecture sets a tone more of a resort than that of a family based
residence. There is a hidden story developing here. Under the facade of
the modern design and amenities, there is a story of dangers
developing. Due to numerous requests by the residents for security
directly to the owner(s) at Redwood Partners, Inc. and the management
company Legacy Partners, assaults, theft and vandalism run rampant with
no resolve. The general consensus is focused on the well being of the
children and families that reside here, as well as to deter the
inevitability of more violence, further property loss and death.

I ask for you to take a moment to view a petition explaining in greater
detail, along with the comments made by residents demanding change.
There is also a blog posting photographs of conditions that the owners
refuse to acknowledge.

The North Hollywood Community Police Station regularly sends officers
on calls here, most recently regarding a masked male with a crowbar,
running within the building’s interior on two of the floors. This was
less than 24 hours after four high-end vehicles were vandalized and
rims were stolen. Women are afraid to leave their homes with the fears
of a possible rape or home invasion. Stairwells are not secured with
locks that work properly, or are forced open. Elevators don’t function
for weeks at a time. Lights go off for days at a time that cover one
half or another of the whole complex. Parts of the complex are over run
by trash and filth, which must be violations of health and fire
regulations. The sight and smell of urine and feces are found
throughout the common areas. Drug dealers and prostitutes live and
“work” here, and in the stairwells. And yet nothing happens. This is a
very upscale community, which many of its residents demand discretion
from their high-visibility and high profile professional lives. All of
which have voiced and demanded action with no resolve.

We ask that you consider looking into our situation. There is
documentation of events by some of the residents, as well as some
officers from LAPD, including Captain Sharyn, I. Buck, Area Commanding
Officer, of the North Hollywood Community Police Station.