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Traffic Concerns Have Homeowners Fighting NBC Project

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[Rendering of the new HQ]

An additional 1,900 car trips per day are expected to be generated by the new Metro Studio@Lankershim development aka KNBC's new headquarters in North Hollywood, a fact that has locals in Studio City and Hollywood Hills bringing out the pitchforks, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal's Daniel Miller. Developer Thomas Properties Group Inc. has plans to spend $35 million on traffic improvements; notably, the key component is a "$22 million enhancement of the Hollywood Freeway’s on- and off-ramps at Campo de Cahuenga Way. Currently there is a northbound entrance to the freeway and southbound exit."

But despite Thomas Properties' insistence that the project is about jobs and transit-oriented development, Ben Neumann, president of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, tells the LABJ: "If any developer is going to bulldoze a project in or bully their way in, Studio City is known as being very resolute and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the stakeholders and fight the project." Also opposing the project: City Councilman Tom LaBonge.
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