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House of Blues Project Advancing, Inciting Ire

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe WeHo should be denser, and those who think the city is overbuilt already. The latter is decrying a proposed project for Sunset and Olive Drive that would replace the House of Blues club (really? it's being torn down?) and two apartment buildings near Fountain with four structures housing 149 hotel rooms, 40 condos, affordable housing units, commercial and entertainment space, and underground parking. The project will be exempt from a building ordinance that attempts to limit growth in the city, reports the WeHo News.The development—referred to as the House of Blues project—would knock down 23 rentals to make way for five (the low-income housing). The airing of the grievances takes place in Plummer Park at Wednesday night's EIR scoping meeting.

Via the InBox: "This is for your WeHo readers who are concerned about yet another large development proposed for the city. Please invite interested parties to attend the EIR scoping meeting on Wednesday evening in Plummer Park, 6:30 PM.

Combined Properties is planning on tearing down the House of Blues and two of the rental buildings on the property near Fountain. Here is a description of the plans:

The site totals 2.0 acres and is currently fully developed with entertainment and residential uses. The proposal includes the demolition of the existing structures on site and the construction of four buildings. The four buildings collectively include 149 hotel rooms, 40 residential condominium units, five low-income affordable housing units, and commercial and entertainment space. Additionally, the proposal includes a loading and drop-off area, and subterranean vehicle and bicycle parking....

For the record, there are already six hotels in a one block radius of this site, with a total of 925 rooms. Almost 1,400 rooms if you count all the hotels on the Strip - the Chateau Marmont, The London (formerly Bel Age), and the proposed James Hotel. [Images courtesy reader via Kanner Architecture]

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