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EaterTastings: Melrose's Kumo to Become Hamasaku, Andres Cooks For SLS Hotel, Aroma Opens on Sunset

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Why has vehicular war been declared on restaurants in Los Angeles? In a week that has seen cars driving through the front windows of Quality, Pure Luck and Kumo, the last has shuttered just 8 months after opening. Rumored to be opening in its place: Michael Ovitz-owned Hamasaku.

BEVERLY HILLS: Eater gets a sneak preview of the Jose Andrés-helmed The Bazaar inside the upcoming Sam Nazarian-owned SLS Hotel. Biggest surprise: "eel wrapped in shiso leaf topped with a fluff of white cotton candy" is actually good.

HOLLYWOOD: Aroma Bakery & Cafe opens in the former rock 'n roll Dennys space on Sunset, but forgets to remove the World Market stickers from the pizza boards. Oops. At least the food was good.