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Hollywood Orchard Gables Cottage Saved, 35 Townhomes Coming

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Development in Hollywood marches on, brave little soldier that it is. This dirt lot at Wilcox and Fountain in Hollywood was the site of a former convalescent hospital, and this fall, it's expected that developer Master Craft Homes will break ground on 35 townhomes. Eh, what's that brown building behind the gates, you ask? That's the Orchard Gables Cottage, a turn of the century cottage that was saved; the Hollywood branch of the Community Redevelopment Agency hopes to turn it into an arts and education community center. And how's this neighborhood? Quite frankly, it could use some gussying up, but ladies, you will get some nice looks and whistles from the men on this street. UPDATE: Worth pointing out that this project will take advantage of the city's Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.
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