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Curbed Reader Comment Round-Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

LA VS NY: "Let me guess? He's going to be one of those 'hip urban pioneers' gentrifying Bed-Stuy and Bushwick who two weeks into living there talks about how great the neighborhood was before all the white people started moving in."

2) Venice Concerts Are Noisy "The thing worth objecting is Houston/Graham's security compound on Windward: massive, autistic, at odds with the neighborhood, truly cacophonous. A one-month a year concert 'nuisance' is better than their year-round visual nuisance. Sadly, they are representative of what Venice is turning into: celebs, yuppies and other wealthies move to Venice for the cool and the vibe, then proceed to file complaints about the side effects - and they're succeeding, changing the character of the place forever."

3) Another One: Universal Lofts Now A Rental Building "We've got to get this renters tax initiated ASAP. All these condos going rental is yet another reason why. We are supposed to be a nation of home owners not renters. Ending the free ride that renters now have will help persuade people that buying into the american dream, not renting from the sidelines, is the right move to make. Plus I'm sick and tired of subsidizing the services through my property taxes that renters take advantage of."