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CurbedWire: MacArthur Park Tree Art, Another Library Opening

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WESTLAKE/MACARTHUR PARK: "There were all these pieces of art wrapped around [the sections] of trees," writes Flickr user ScottSteg in captioning the above photo. Mystery art? What's going on? [Curbed Staff]

GLENDALE: A reader who saw that Exposition library post writes: "There's a "pocket library" in the West Adams area of Glendale that will be having a grand opening tomorrow from 1-5pm. The West Adams area, in South Glendale, has little library other other city resources. This pocket library focuses on children and YA books, with some fiction/non-fiction for adults, including materials in both Armenian and Russian. The library is meant to provide access for local residents while Glendale works on a longer-term project to bring a full library to the area." Good to know. [Curbed InBox]

MacArthur Park

2230 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057