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And They're Sober! Dodgers Fans Cheer New Shuttle

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Tonight was the inaugural run of the free Dodgers shuttle (game is against the Nationals), a notable event given the utter lack of public transportation to the stadium. No longer will baseball fans be forced to pay $15 plus for parking (and ultimately help pay for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's mortgage on that Malibu Lautner estate). Given the city's numerous transportation deficiencies, the shuttle is a start. And look how happy everyone is.

There are a total of five buses and a smaller shuttle. Forty-seven people can fit on the larger buses. Tonight, the bus route from Union Station took about 15-18 minutes each way, and buses travel in the regular traffic lanes.

A gaggle of press greeted Mayor Villagrosia, who rode the smaller shuttle to the stadium.

"Can we drink a beer on the bus?" "Probably not" was the answer from the bus driver.

Overheard on the bus:

"This is a great service!"

"Man, I am so happy not to have to deal with the shit."

'Four years ago, they had this service...and it cost $2."

"And it's all thanks to us...we're paying for it, us taxpayers."

"Who is pitching tonight?"