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Kinney-Tabor House In Venice Granted Historic-Cultural Monument Status

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The 1906 craftsman-style home at 1310 Sixth Ave in Venice, known as the "Kinney-Tabor House" has been approved as a Historic-Cultural Monument. The house is linked to Venice founder Abbot Kinney and his friend and personal assistant Irving Tabor. It was originally located on the canals and served as the social club, the "Cosmos Club" before briefly serving as a girl's school and then Kinney's home. Upon his wife's death, the house was bequeathed to Tabor, but because of racial covenants preventing the African-American Tabor from living in the Venice Canals, the house was moved to Oakwood. According to The Argonaut, the house was purchased in 2003 "by local restoration enthusiasts. Features of the restored home include full-hide leather walls in the main state room, Italian artisan-tiled fireplaces and original craftsman wrought-iron fixtures." [Image of Kinney and family in front of their Park Avenue home via Westland].
· Council grants historic-cultural status to 'Kinney-Tabor House' now on Sixth Avenue in Venice [The Argonaut]