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Dodgers Fans, Get Ready To Squeeze Into This

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The bleak days of shelling out $15 plus for stadium parking are gone, as tomorrow the city will begin offering Dodger "shuttles" that'll carry fans to the games from Union Station. It's all part of that new $70,000 a year city-funded program, and yes, like other cities, Los Angeles will finally have a public transportation option to its baseball stadium. Breath mints, everyone!

When this plan launches takes tomorrow, there will be a total of six buses: Five normal-sized ones and one smaller one (pictured here). "They're being wrapped right now," a rep for the Dodgers tells us. Wait, is that smaller one a mini-van? "No." It's just a smaller bus.
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And the press release:




Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council leaders to ride first shuttle, followed by media availability at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES – Starting tomorrow, Dodger fans can travel for free on a shuttle running between Union Station and Dodger Stadium on game days. Fans living in the greater Los Angeles area can now take various rail and bus services from throughout the region to Union Station and enjoy the free service, presented by the City of Los Angeles. Shuttle service begins 90 minutes before every home game for the rest of the season, and concludes one hour after the game ends. Fans will be dropped off outside of Lot G near Autograph Alley behind the pavilions at Dodger Stadium.

“This is a first step in a much larger effort to provide public transit options to Dodger Stadium, and I want to thank the city officials for their leadership,” said Dodger Owner Frank McCourt. “As we all do our part to help protect our environment, it is critical that we find ways to help people get to where they want to go, including Dodger Stadium.”

Union Station is the central transit hub for Southern California, with rail lines extending to Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Pasadena, Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley, the South Bay and the San Gabriel Valley, as well as other areas.

"I'm very proud to work with the Los Angeles Dodgers to create a convenient, fast and affordable option for fans traveling to Dodger Stadium from the entire region," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "The City of Los Angeles is committed to providing real transportation solutions, and the Dodgers Trolley is the first step in making our public transportation system seamless and more accessible for one of the most popular Southern California destinations."

“This new service will provide free, convenient access to Dodger Stadium and help alleviate traffic in the surrounding neighborhood,” said City Council President Eric Garcetti. “I'm very pleased that the Dodgers and the City of Los Angeles together are renewing public transportation to our beloved stadium.”

The shuttle route, which is less than two miles, will connect with regional MTA bus and rail services, including the MTA Red, Purple and Gold Lines. Metrolink and Amtrak services are available on day games. The free shuttle will make two stops as it travels along Sunset Blvd. on its way to Dodger Stadium. At Figueroa St., the shuttle will connect with MTA Lines 2, 4, 55, 60; Metro Limited Lines 302, 304 and 355; as well as Metro Rapid Line 704. This stop will also allow passengers on LADOT’s DASH Lincoln Heights/Chinatown service to easily connect to the stadium. The second stop at Marion Ave. will connect the shuttle service with MTA Lines 2 and 4 arriving from the west. The return trip will include all of the same stops.

“The Dodgers Trolley is a wonderful opportunity for people traveling from Pasadena on the Gold Line to reach Dodger Stadium quickly and easily, while leaving their cars at home," said City Councilmember Ed P. Reyes, whose district includes Dodger Stadium. "Fans will be able to relax and enjoy time with their families and friends while riding the Dodgers Trolley.”

“Until now Los Angeles was one of the few cities in America that didn't have public transportation going to its baseball stadium. That ends now,” said Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, Chair of the City's Transportation Committee. “With the Dodgers Trolley up and running, it will reduce traffic on the 110, the 5, the 101 and Sunset Boulevard. For someone coming from Simi Valley or Santa Clarita, it would cost $35 in gas and parking. Now they could take the Metrolink, hop on the shuttle and be at Dodger Stadium for $7."

Fans interested in learning more about the Dodgers Trolley can visit the official Dodger website at

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