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What's Up With That: Missing Hands in Downtown's Angels Knoll Park

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What's Up With That? attempts to answer your queries about the odd LA landscape. Send questions to the mailbox.

In downtown's Angels Knoll Park, which sits above the not-finished Angels Knoll Plaza, there are two markers and a plaque proclaiming "Hands." Sadly, there are no hands. What's up with those missing hands? Copper thieves? Hand bandits? UPDATED

Question was forwarded to Susan Gray, cultural director with the Community Redevelopment Agency, who said artist Adam Leventhal created the original hands sculptures.

"The two metal sculptures were each approximately 5' tall and 5' wide (not including base)," she wrote in an email. "The artist passed away before the completion of this project and the sculptures were installed posthumously in 2001 with a special bronze plaque honoring the artist.

"In late 2002, it was noted by CRA/LA staff that the sculptures had been vandalized (sculptures were bent, twisted, and distorted) beyond repair, and as they presented a safety hazard they were removed from the site. The removal was coordinated in consultation with the artist's widow."

Are there plans to restore the work?

"At this point we have no plans to remove the hand bases, or to add more artwork to Adams piece. We are concentrating on permanent pieces of public art throughout our project areas. This reflects a shift in our art policy which was revised in 2005. Other important public art projects in downtown that are in the pipeline include Related's project on Grand Ave; signage for Gallery Row; virtual walking tours of the artwork that CRA/LA has commissioned for Bunker Hill, Little Tokyo, Financial District, and Historic Core; and restoration of Uptown Rocker."

And now you know. You'll be staring at those bases for a while. And be appreciative that you have your own hands!
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