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Alpine Village Beergarden In Dirt Lot Disarray

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Curbed flickr pool member Eric Lynxwiler visited Alpine Village a few weeks ago and brings back the sad pictures of what was once the beergarden. As you may recall, the Torrance landmark, site of many a drunken chicken dance, was demolished with little warning "in an ill-conceived redevelopment scheme" resulting in the firing of the longtime Alpine Village managers. The status of the construction/redevelopment and more importantly the annual Oktoberfest, remains in question. Eric files this report:

"...I was there on one weekday and one weekend with no construction crews in sight. From what I can tell, the old beer garden space (not including the Alpine Inn) and the batting cages are completely gone. There's just a lot of flat dirt in the wake. Oddly, all the greenery around the small village has also been ripped out leaving its former plant beds tarped over with black plastic. The whole thing is just odd and seems poorly planned with the new season of Oktoberfest just a few weeks away. Who knows if they'll get over this gaffe."
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