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Meet Fred Lloyd Wright, Malibu Architect

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Via the listing for this fresh -on-the-MLS $27.5 million Malibu property: "Unique beach and bluff estate. 1-story Fred Lloyd Wright Foundation." Who is Fred, you ask? Fred was the cousin. You didn't hear much about him. He was always getting in trouble with the law, starting bar fights and such. He was like the Daniel Baldwin of the Wrights.

It seems the poor listing agent obviously confused Fred with Frank. We make 15,456,789 mistakes a day, so we can sympathize.

As for the reference to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation? "The architect who did this house is William Wesley Peters, who was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright," Arnold Roy at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the work of Wright, tells us. Roy also says the listing agent probably shouldn't be mentioning the foundation in the listing at all, since it's not affiliated. Ah, it's another Wright bust.

Meanwhile, this home sold in 2004 for $12 million. Hizzuh!
· 32340 PACIFIC COAST Hwy [Redfin]