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CurbedWire: Beachwood Canyon Rents, Downtown Park Talk

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BEACHWOOD CANYON: Is Beachwood Canyon the poor man's Los Feliz? Or the poor man's West Hollywood? Either way, via a virtual billboard, here's a sampling of how your area rents are looking: $1,095 for a studio unit; a whole house for $3,030, 1,250-square foot units in same building ranging from $2,600-$2,900. [Flickr user SharCardinal]

DOWNTOWN: Yesterday, talk show "Which Way, LA" had an interesting discussion on the city's parks (fun fact: the recently opened Vista Hermosa received $600,000 in private donations). And tomorow, HABEAS INDEX, which puts on an "evolving series of presentations, actions and discussions about urban issues and downtown life" will provide an presentation by those interns who had the downtown 101 park cap idea. More info after jump.

The HABEAS INDEX presents: PARK 101, Thursday, July 24

12:30 - 1:30 PM
Informal lunchtime discussion with Project Managers Gaurav Srivastava and Mike Williams, + Intern Program participants Gustavo Alejandro Garcia and Henrik Olsson.

5:00 - 7:30 PM
Reception and public forum, question and answer period with the EDAW Team + urban designer Simon Pastucha.

PARK 101, the focus of EDAW's 2008 Intern Program (, is a proposed visionary urban design solution to cap the half-mile length of the 101 Hollywood Freeway in downtown Los Angeles and reconnect the city's historic core, north of the freeway, with the civic, cultural, and financial cores of modern Los Angeles to the south. Strongly being considered by the Los Angeles Community Development Department and Caltrans for implementation, the project provides a unique opportunity to create an iconic urban park in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, focused on re-visioning the existing infrastructure that supports and encircles the core of the city —freeways, channelized rivers, streets, and public transit. The PARK 101 model will be on display.

The HABEAS INDEX is an evolving series of presentations, actions and discussions about urban issues and downtown life.
The HABEAS INDEX is located in the new artspace @ 7+FIG
735 S. Figueroa Street, middle level
Los Angeles, CA 90017
open weekdays, 12 - 4 PM, Thursdays 12- 6 PM, + during special events
Validated parking in the 7+FIG parking structure, accessible from 7th and 8th Street, west of Figueroa / Bike rack on street level next to Starbucks