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Busted-Looking Walk of Fame Stars Getting Fixed

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The Los Angeles Times has the latest on the crumbling Hollywood and Highland sidewalk and plans to fix 778 cracked or broken bronze stars on the Walk of Fame. "We get calls from celebrities and their families also asking when their star will be repaired," Ana Martinez-Holler, a chamber of commerce executive, tells the Times. While our readers have noted tourists are chipping away pieces of the sidewalks, it's still unclear what's causing the buckling, but the paper notes that the roots of ficus trees--ficus!--are causing the sidewalk to crack. Additionally, development of the Hollywood W Hotel & Residences caused the temporary removal of some of the stars. But worse than the current state of Peter Frampton's busted star: Some stars have been stolen over the years. "Gregory Peck's was taken from over by the Music Box. James Stewart's and Kirk Douglas' were found in a drug dealer's backyard in South Gate." [Image via Captured by Light]
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