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Rumblings & Bumblings: More Condos? Less Cadillacs? And a Sign on Fairfax

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Hello. We have three questions this week. Please feel free to email us at if you have answers to these questions or maybe an update on a past question. We would also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) West Hollywood Adj: They're still building stuff? "Do you guys have any tips on the building project (condos or apts) going up on Croft, just south of Willoughbuy, west side of the street? Looks like a bunch of units.."

2) Miracle Mile: They ran out of Escalades. "Whats going on with the old Cadillac dealership on Wilshire Blvd. & Orange Dr.? It is in the process of being demolished and environmental crews have been working on it."

3) Fairfax District: You can't take credit for something if nobody knows what you're taking credit for. "So I saw this sign on Wilshire [pictured above], just west of Fairfax... What exactly is the improvement they're touting?"