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Thanks for Helping Me Hide The Body, Craigslist

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About two weeks ago, someone hung a poster entitled "Thanks, Craig. What has Craigslist done for you?" on the walls of downtown cafe Lost Souls on West 4th Street. Apartments, free stuff and sex seem to be overriding themes. After the jump, all the entries as of yesterday afternoon.

---I got 2 apartments & all my jobs out here in Los Angeles

---2 apartments, 2 cars, all my furniture (couches, tvs, lamps, sofas, beds, etc)

----Ruined my marriage by distracting my attentions from her. Thanks Craig freedom is bliss

---$10 an hour job and gave my ex girlfriend images of women showing their vagina (muffs)

----Today I rented my Hollywood hills castle for $6,000—10 days !!! wow!!!

----I got several interpreting jobs, my fabulous apartment, an ex roommate too weird for words, hot nasty male hookups and free furniture

----Helped me find the tools needed to hide a body at a cheap price

----1971 VW...named Harold

----Treehouse boat with the best elderly Argentine landlord ever

----James says: "Fuck Westside Rentals"

----Yah, thanks Craig, I now have a blister on my penis

----Got me a job teaching painting where I ended up meeting my writing partner

---I sold my bike and got my friend a free hot tub. TX.

-- I got my first creative FAWKING office,

----My last two jobs, my bicycle, a telecoaster, some cymbal stands, a nice apartment in SF with really low ceilings

---A bike and some turntables, thanks!
· Lost Souls [Official Site]