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Tasty WeHo Project Required To Undergo Tasty EIR

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"The City of West Hollywood announced at Thursday's Planning Commission meeting that an Environmental Impact Report [EIR] will be required before the Walgreens mixed-use development can proceed." So announces the jubilant-sounding group that wants to stop SMB28, a mixed-use project (with a Walgreens) planned for Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Heights. Last month, the WEHO News reported the WEHO Planning Commission postponed its hearing on the project after "WeHo Neighbors, an ad hoc group of citizens bent on forcing that EIR, uncovered previously undisclosed toxicity level study that shows increased levels of perchloroethylene, or PCE, under the site." Dubbed the Tasty Project, the mixed-use development was reconfigured, eliminating space previously set aside for neighborhood treasure Tasty Donuts.
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