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Beverly Hills Getting Two Stops on "Subway to the Sea"

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Or so MTA CEO Roger Snoble told a group of wheelers and dealers at a Beverly Hills chamber of commerce meeting last week, the Beverly Hills Courier reports. Possibilities include Wilshire/La Cienega, Wilshire/Robertson, Wilshire/Beverly Drive, and Century City (which is not really Beverly Hills). Snoble also said city leaders and residents have no objections to the subway, as opposed to the last time they tried to build this thing. Well, actually, there's one thing BH mayor Barry Brucker is concerned about: parking. On a recent trip to London and Paris, he noticed that most residents and businesses are, at most, four or five blocks from a metro stop. This won't be the case with the Purple Line, clearly, which in its current form, has no commuter parking lots. Parking or not, Snoble said the Beverly Hills extension could open by 2015.
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