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The Catch: Hot Kitchen in Sherman Oaks

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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline.

What/Where: $8 bedroom in Sherman Oaks. Free internet, free wi-fi, and basic cable (Time Warner). Quiet neighborhood. Shared bathroom (very clean and well kept).

Sounds good, right?: Onsite pool, laundry facilities, courtyard, secured entrance. Street parking. No pets or kids....Close to Westfield Mall and Sherman Oaks Galleria (24 Hour Fitness, PF Chang Chinese Bistro, Cheesecake Factory, etc.) and freeway and much more. Room will be available in Mid August, 2008.

The Catch: "This is a one of a kind offer. Large bedroom rent free for experienced Chef of French or Italian Cuisine. In exchange for rent-free bedroom, the Chef has to cook lunch and dinner (French or Italian style Cuisine) daily from Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday are off-days). All ingredients will be provided.

In addition to the necessary qualifications, the Chef will have to cook a dish for me in the kitchen and a taste test will be performed. This way I know for sure that you can cook and prepare gourmet meals!"
OK, not entirely sure this is a deal for the chef and slaving over a hot kitchen in the Valley in August sounds GREAT.
· $8 Large Bedroom Rent Free in Sherman Oaks for Experienced Chef(s). (Sherman Oaks, CA) [Craiglists]