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Frank Gehry Makes Me Wanna Dance!

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Up until five minutes ago we had never heard of INPEX, but it appears they ask people to dance and do odd things and post it to YouTube. Awesome! Anything that encourages people to act like nutters, record it and share it with the world is alright by us. Even better when it's inspired by...Frank O. Gehry. The masterpiece above takes place in front of his famous Santa Monica house.

And the full press release. "INPEX creates an inbetween-line between offline and online through a lot of knowledge and events centered around an YouTube channel. The project consists of an open network for all within the dance scene and asks participants from all over the world to share videos. through artistic processes, knowledge production and engagement. As a prolonging out in the physic reality there will be parties arranged with cushion fights, a new years kiss or a couple looking for their lost IKEA screw."


Gehry House

1002 22nd St., Santa Monica, CA