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NIMBY victory: Beverly Connection Plan Downsized

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Two high-rise residential towers that would be part of a remodeled Beverly Connection mall have bitten the dust after catching the ire of two community groups, reports the Los Angeles Times' Martha Grove. The Burton Way Foundation and the Beverly Wilshire Homes Association both sued BC owner Vornado Realty Trust, saying Vornado didn't conduct an environmental impact report on their plan to build a 177-unit assisted-living center and 62 luxury condos on top of BC. The groups' main argument was that traffic at La Cienega, between Beverly and 3rd, is already intolerable and cannot withstand the added car trips the project would bring. As part of a settlement, Vornado agreed to drop the towers but will continue to remodel BC which, as of late, has seen some modern touches applied to its '80s aesthetic. Vornado also agreed to make 100 parking spaces available on West 3rd Street, an area that's all but impossible to park in. Blame Joan's on Third for that.
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