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Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: Two Fliers, One Fight

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Highlighting (once again) the deep divisions in the Silver Lake community, two fliers have been going around in response to tonight's vote on whether to extend Silver Lake Neighborhood Council term limits and push back voting from this year till 2010. Michael Ray Menjivar, co-chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council tells Curbed the council voted (it wasn't an unanimous vote) to try and extend limits because some council members were voted in as early as last December. (There are about 21 members total, he says.) Groups like the Committee To Save Silver Lake Reservoirs, (CSSLR) want the 2008 elections to go forward; they are circulating one flier. On the other side: Silver Lake residents like Laurie Pepper who want term limits extended; she is circulating a flier accusing the CSSLR of "attempting to overtake" the Neighborhood Council.

Meanwhile, Menjivar tells Curbed he believes this current conflict started because the Neighborhood Council didn't properly explain why they opted to try and extend term limits; he admits the group likely failed in explaining the situation to the public. Meanwhile, obviously this whole conflict is re-opening old Silver Lake wounds, such as the decision to fill Ivanhoe reservoir with balls and to open the meadow. Pepper, for instance, seems against the ball-filling.

The one flier from CSSLR, in support of 2008 vote

And the other flier, in support of 2010 vote:

Silver Lake Reservoir

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