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Too Noisy! Broadway Hollywood Residents File Suit Against KOR, SBE

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TMZ reports that a lawsuit was filed yesterday by residents of the Broadway Hollywood building. Via the web site: "They say the music is so loud"; "Many residents have been unable to fall asleep prior to 2:00 in the morning." They say the club's operators -- SBE and the Kor Realty Group -- have totally and "callously" ignored their complaints, all while raking in "huge profits." It's not clear how many people filed suit, but Eater LA gets some legal advice on the matter; her source says "it's a totally baseless claim." "When they bought the condos there were disclaimers and waivers out the ying-yang. Who buys a condo above a nightclub on hollywood and vine and expects total silence?" In late May, nine penthouse units at the celebrity-popular (Charlize Theron, Dave Navarro, Danny Masterson) building hit the MLS (that is one of the penthouse balconies pictured).
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