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Tourists Stealing Pieces of Hollywood & Highland Sidewalk

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While the city looks under the couch cushions to find the estimated $4.1 million it will cost to repair the mysteriously buckling sidewalks at Hollywood & Highland, a reader clues us in to what may be accelerating its decline: Tourists! "Everyone wants a piece of Hollywood, literally it seems. Don't have a clue as to what is causing the mess, I may have some insight into what is NOT helping the situation. Last night, I went to my favorite watering hole, the Powerhouse, on Hollywood and Highland to down a few beers, and afterwards I caught the bus home because I didn't want to worry about the whole DUI thing. Any way, as I was waiting for the 217 bus, I noticed tourists breaking off little pieces of the sidewalk and walking off with it. [Image of said piece above]

So I walked over and did the same. Let me tell you, the material they use crumbles like clay. I was able to break free a fairly large piece of already broken sidewalk and literally break it apart in my fingers. My guess is that the company that built the Hollywood/Highland structure used cheaper materials to rebuild the sidewalk afterwards. I have no proof of this, of course, but that was my initial reaction.

So, between tourists looking for a souvenir and cheap construction materials, the gaps in the sidewalk are easy to figure out."

Look for them on eBay soon. [Photo of chunk via reader; buckling sidewalks shots--taken in May--via Curbed]
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