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Meet The Million Dollar Men

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An email came into Curbed HQ late last night: "Can you PLEASE do a post on Bravo's new show, Million Dollar Listing? It's a show about three young, successful LA realtors. But they're all douchebags. Please have some type of post so that I can bash on them." Never seen the show, dear reader. But per "Million Dollar Listing" follows Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand and Chad Rogers, three of Los Angeles' hottest, young and aggressive Realtors as they make a fortune selling multimillion-dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods -- Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills." That's Chad Rogers pictured. He's only in 8th grade, but knows all about Sierra Towers. And here's his MySpace page and here's his blog post about attending the Incredible Hulk premiere: "I went to the Incredible Hulk premiere at Universal Studios and my favorite part of the premiere was the party before the movie because they served the best chocolate chip cookies I ever had in my life!!!! I want more!"