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Curbed Reader Comment Round-Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) Reader Rant: Pedestrians Still Getting Ticketed in Koreatown "I can't tell you how many speeding cars have almost taken me out of this world when I was legally crossing in the intersection. I keep trying to love L.A., but this kind of criminalization of walking is one of the reasons to seriously hate it."

2) On the Racked: Bogus iPhone Lines/ Apple security making customers wait outside to give the appearance iPhone is hot: "You know, I tried that same trick with my bedroom door. Didn't work then either."

3) Industrial Area Rendered, Other Parks Critiqued "We don't need to wait for a Central Park to be built in LA. There are plenty of small measures that can be taken throughout the City to build in new open space, and increase access to the open space that already exists. Any new projects should be required to have public open space. I am required to have landscaping in my front yard for all the world to see, yet developers can build their apartment complexes with virtually all of their open space in the center, for the exclusive use of the residents. All the public sees are three palm trees stuck in the sidewalk. In areas where there is not existing open space, and in apartment-heavy neighborhoods where landscaping is nonexistent, there should be pocket parks."