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Foil Balloon Ban Popped, Compromise Reached

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Huge victory for local balloon vendors. Yesterday Sen. Jack Scott (D-Altadena), who had proposed a bill that could kill off mylar balloons, softened his anti-foil stance, and instead offered some new measures regarding the balloons. Scott, who argues the foiled devils get caught in power lines and cause outrages (his bill had the backing of the states' electrical companies), is now proposing that fines increase from $100 to $250 if balloons are found not to be properly weighted (under existing state laws, mylar balloons are already required to be weighted); additionally, Scott is asking students from University of California to come up with an alternative fabric to make these foil balloons. The balloon council, which had been protesting the proposed ban via public gatherings, issued a happy-sounding press release on their Save the Balloons web site. The only loser in this whole deal may be the newspaper headline writers, who will no longer be able to write headlines like these: "Measure fills balloon sellers with worry"'; Senate bill foils future for local mylar balloon"; Assembly committee grounds balloon ban; and of course, the one below.
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