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Turtlenapping At Downtown's Molino Street Lofts

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We've heard of dogs being taken from people's front yards, but somebody had the gall to kidnap someone's pet turtle from their patio at the Molino Street Lofts. Via the DowntownLALife listserv:

"She was living in a really cool set up on the patio to my ex's loft at the Molino Street Lofts. The walls on her home were pretty high so we doubt she climbed up. We also had her in the same thing for years and she never once climbed out. With that in mind, I feel someone took her from her home as the patios at the lofts are semi open to the street... If you noticed a pal with a new turtle that wasn't really planned for please make note of that too and maybe ask them where they got it and if something fishy went down, please help us to get her back....." · LOST TURTLE.... [Downtown LA Life Yahoo Group]