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Ask Curbed: What Do I Say To My Naked Neighbor?

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"Hi Curbed. Some background first: I have a very pleasant relationship with my kooky artist neighbor. Now my question: I noticed a few weeks ago a tarp went up in front of his fence (it faces the side of my house) and I didn't think much of it. But this morning at 7 am, I was walking by his fence to take out the trash and the tarp had fallen down on one side, and there he was, buck naked, riding a stationary bike in the middle of his lawn. (Oh, he was naked, but he had big 80s stereo headphones on his head). So he turned at that moment and there was a sort of awkward "HI!" exchange (I'm female, by the way) before I sprinted off. NOW, I don't give a shit about what he does, but I feel like I need the perfect line to break the ice when I see him next around the neighborhood, a clever line, IE, something that acknowledges his nakedness so we can move on. What do I say? Or do I say nothing?"
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