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Marina Del Rey Shores Project Loses Approvals

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What a migraine this thing is: Back in May, a judge ruled that the EIR (environmental impact report) for the mixed-use, 554-unit development at 4201 Via Marina in Marina del Rey was flawed, and now the whole project has been stripped of its approvals, reports The Argonaut's Gary Walker. The project, which'll rise on the site of a 202-unit apartment building called the Del Rey Shores Apartments (that structure will be demolished), also faced opposition aka a lawsuit from a group of homeowners from the Marina Strand Colony Homeowners Association over numerous concerns, including traffic. Still, some people want this thing to go forward, just revised. And "if the Department of Regional Planning fully complies with all of the Board of Supervisors' instructions, there will be another hearing before the board for possible recertification of the EIR and possible restoration of the land use entitlements."

[Del Rey Shores development, stopped due to dirt removal issues]
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